Only one Hog voted pre-season All SEC. No JD, no Umude, but all of Kensucky’s transfers. Total lack of respect. Only one way to fix it. Go kick A$$. GO Hogs!


Totally agree, and we have the coach and team to do it…

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Totally agree. Our guys may play even a little better with a chip on their shoulder. Notae got player of the year votes, but not on 1st or 2nd team. Ridiculous! I’ll be a little surprised if the Coaches’ poll leaves Devo off the first team, and Notae off the 2nd team. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Devo on some All American 2d or 3rd teams or at least honorable mention.

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What’s really wrong with this is that Arkansas should have been picked to win SEC. Most polls have Arkansas ahead of Kentucky and Alabama. Don’t understand why we are not the top choice.

As far as first and second team selection, Devo should have been first team selection, He became a starter midway last season and that may have kept him off the first team. Don’t see anything else that is bad wrong. The transfers that are selected from other teams have higher transfer rankings than Arkansas transfers. Lykes was our highest ranked transfer.and probably deserves third team selection, if there was a third team.

But these are preseason picks. We have a shot at putting Devo, Notae and Lykes or Umude on postseason teams, if all goes well.

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Just wait for Grease Ball
And his Cats to get waxed a few times and they will fail. The Hogs will
Earn it on the court!


I don’t think we have a proven big man threat. Miles to go for many pundits. I think that #16 ranking has more to do with last year than this year.

Where can we see a list of media members who vote for these preseason SEC teams in all sports?

Something I’ve always wondered and might explain a lot. Is there a way to see this?

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I’m not even sure we were picked to win the sec in 1994-95 when we were preseason #1. Not sure why you’d be surprised.

I suspect a lot of them wear blue and choke on furballs.

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