Ridgeway went to the Cowboys with the next to last pick in 5th round

Glad to see Ridgeway get his shot with Dallas.


Great for him!!!

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Generally, what is fifth round money?

Has to make the team/roster/ to get a salary. They may get a signing bonus and weekly per diem during camp. That is my understanding.

Ridgeway - total value $3.9M - Signing Bonus - $242.5K - Cap hit $765.6K. Only his signing bonus is guaranteed. Still a nice bit of coin to start his working life with if he doesn’t make the team.

Montaric Brown - 1st pick of round 7. His slot value:

Total value - $3.775M - Signing Bonus - $116K - Cap hit $733K. only signing bonus guaranteed.


So if you can make the first 7 or so rounds, NIL money cannot compete? Might as well go. Wonder what the break even round would be, generally speaking?

I think you still have to make the team to get a contract etc.

That’s what I said, Only the signing bonus is guaranteed. If you don’t make the team, you won’t get any salary, I don’t know how much you get for the practice times. The cuts start pretty early in the process.

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