Riddle me this Batman (ie SEC OFFICIALS)

Quick review:

The QB muffed the snap, at that point he cannot clock it to stop the clock without throwing it at or near an eligible receiver. He can down it or fall on it but that won’t stop the clock. So he tries to clock it. Now, if he clocks it in a forward direction it has to be an intentional grounding call, but if he clocks it backwards it has to be a lateral and thus a live ball.

He clocked it backwards so the ball was live and eventually recovered by Arkansas. Now some official evidently blew the whistle before there was a recover thus making it a dead ball and at that point it had not been recovered yet. The whole dead ball whistle thing makes a review impossible.

Now for years I’ve heard officials say, don’t blow the whistle in situations like that, let it play out and sort it all out after the fact. Better to get it right that screw it all up. That didn’t happen in this case.

Now for my questions…
#1 If the dead ball prevents review, WTF did they spend so long reviewing?
#2 If they admit it was a blown whistle that killed a live ball and made it unrecoverable, then how the hell did they enforce Intentional Grounding? To be a live ball killed by the whistle is to admit it was a lateral so thus it could not possibly be grounding!!!

Anyway you add this up… they screwed up in a MAJOR game deciding way and they are trying to cover their butts!! Its total BS and it seems we tend to be on the bad side of calls like this way too much.

There eventually needs to be consequences for things like this. I’d like to think they suspend officials that blow things like this but it never seems like they do and the same rotten SEC officiating keeps on rolling down the lane.


Dead ball prevents reviewing fumble not intentional grounding. What they could have said for your second question is that it was a backward pass and therefore live but because whistle blew dead it stands as incomplete pass. But that requires them to admit they screwed Arkansas and they didn’t want to do that. It’s all nonsense.

Edit: actually I don’t know if grounding is reviewable so now I’m confused.

I didn’t think we recovered it did we? The backward clock attempt I mean. I didn’t think anyone picked it up.

We did

Well thats a pig of a different color then

I believe they can go ahead and reward a recovered fumble in a blown whistle call when they see they made a mistake if there is a clear recovery. Unfortunately that might be ONLY in the NFL and not in college.

Yea instead of the Ref explaining the whole situation, he just used the escape words given them - play stands.

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