Ricky Town

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Maybe now the 4* gets a little playing time. :sunglasses:

One would hope. He and his family seem like good people.

But he was clearly overhyped in terms of his ability coming out of high school

I wish him the best.

Didn’t know he had departed. Need to read more.

Proof the stars don’t mean they can play.
Hope the young man gets a degree and is able to play somewhere.

At least CBB gave him another shot at D-1 ball here. I assume he and his family hold no ill will, not that it really matters if the kid doesn’t have D-1 ability yet.

Will be interesting to see where he lands after his year at Ventura. I don’t think we can say he doesn’t have D-1 talent. Maybe just not Power 5 talent.

I will be surprised if he plays in the Pac-12 or the SEC. There was no sign here that was possible. The number one thing a quarterback needs is the ability to see the secondary and process what is happening. I never saw that he could do that in the practices I witnessed. You must be able to read and adjust to changes in routes and coverages. That’s not something he could do.

So much of what happens with quarterbacks in high school is tough to assess. Are they told the route to throw from a pre-snap look to the coach? If that’s what they are doing, it might not translate to the next level.

One of the things that I always understood with the ones I’ve seen at Fayetteville High that are good (and that includes Brandon Allen, Austin Allen and Taylor Powell) is that they can go through progressions. That’s what they’ve done in high school and it gives them a great chance at the next level. Taylor Powell does that very well. He’ll go from one to five in his reads on any given play. I think Missouri is getting a good one.

I wish him the best.
[/quote]Me too and I have hope that before he graduates, he may be a great QB. He may just need more time to develop and/or a difference system and coach. Also, QBs are usually good athletes so perhaps he can excel at a different position.


Right, I wish him the best too! Hope he settles somewhere before he is getting a chance to start at the age of 30! All I heard from BB was great size and arm strength so this all shocks me, I thought he might even be backup next year! We must have some talent in line I guess!


Sometimes outstanding athletes don’t make great QBs, at least in the system being played. I remember Super Bill Bradley at Texas in the mid to late 1960s. I guess he wasn’t cut out for the triple option and was replaced by James Street. However, he ended up being a great defensive back at Texas and in the pros as, I believe, a 2 time all pro.

Bill Bradley was a fantastic athlete. I don’t think Ricky Town is that, if that’s what you are suggesting.

I was to the extent that I recall reading that Frank Broyles would sign a lot of QBs to perhaps play other positions because they were usually the best player on their high school team. However, I will defer to your statement because I have never seen him practice or play.