Ricky Stromberg

as expected

Does he opt out of the bowl, too?

Great job Ricky … Wish you the very best

Oh I’m pretty sure he will…Limmer will probably move to C if that happens

He is not playing in the bowl game.

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it is the right thing for him to do, he is more impressive than some ranked higher than him at his position. Wish him well for being stand up and forthright, true position group leader.

Happy you are a Razorback. Wishing you a successful NFL career.

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All the best Ricky. You are much appreciated.

“opt out” is just the lastest in recent changes to our lexicon. Sorta like political correctness. Trying to find a nicer way to make something bad sound better. OPT OUT is just a nicer way of saying I QUIT.

I know some will say… but but but he has good reasons. He may have golden reasons, but its still quitting! PERIOD.

IF he doesn’t play he is quitting on his university, on his coaches, on his teammates and on the Razorbacks. Some may disagree with me and that fine, but I call it like I see it and if you quit, your a quitter I don’t care if you call it opting out, its still quitting.


That’s about chicken poo!

He should play to make up for that crap snap against A&M….

Just lost some respect for him…

I agree…. That’s something he will regret later.

No he won’t and all of you calling him a quitter would do the very same thing in his shoes. He played out the regular season. If he gets hurt in the bowl game he stands to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars.

This is managing risk. Second game if the year? Yeah he is what you called him. Here, he is in a business making a sound, prudent business decision.


Wonder if he would’ve played if we had been in the college playoff?

If the answer to that is yes, then what is the reason vs all of the monetary risk he is taking towards his potential future NFL career? Some games are worth it for non-monetary reasons and some are not?

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Yep - it’s like when Sam Pittman came to Arkansas when Georgia still had a non playoff Sugar Bowl to play.

He made a business decision and left Kirby and his players high and dry as they prepared to take on Baylor.

My guess is he may have tried to coach in the playoffs as some other assistant coaches have done ( Kirby Smart as new Georgia HC and Alabama DC in two playoff games) because of the importance of the games and exposure.

I don’t consider him to be a “quitter” but he certainly left his fellow coaches and OL before their bowl game.


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Being the correct financial and personal decision for him does not mean he did not quit on his teammates. There is some nuance.

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He just gave his two week notice, we don’t play for two weeks, so he’s like the rest of America who switch jobs.

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Didn’t realize RS was an employee of the UA. Athletes may have bargaining power after all

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He’s not officially an employee, but he should be. Wish we’d get through this transition period and go ahead and reach the ultimate end place - employees of Razorback Athletics LLC, salaries, etc.

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Love it. More like European club sports the better. Drop the charade of “student” athletes