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I am no coach and claim no special insight into evaluation of Olinemen, especially young ones. I do know an AA tackle and former NFL Olinemen. He has given me some insight as to what to watch. Of course, they must have the strength and size, but beyond that, he said the most important thing to watch is the feet. They must be able to move them quickly and stay balanced over them. He is not too concerned about 40 times, but is in the time it takes to engage and when engaged, are they centered and not just reaching. Then he talks about hips, flexablity, and all of that. Finally, he said look for want to or heart or whatever you want to call that. Remember, these guys bust their butt to open a hole and then watch the glory guy run through that hole. Most likey, the only time they are noticed is on a false start or hold or the one missed block.

I have watched Ricky’s film. Sure, there are a lot of pancakes and all that, but these are highlights so that is expected. Then I backed up and watched his feet, balance, and pad level (flexability). I then became impressed. Finally, his motor is always running and he seems to enjoy mashing folks.

I don’t know why his offer sheet is like it is (I hope it stays that way for one more day!!!). Maybe he is overlooked (seems doubtful playing where he played), maybe he didn’t camp well, maybe , heck, I don’t know or care. I really like him.

I was very concerned when I saw his offers. I go by that more than anything else in general. Still, I really like this one. He may never play a down or he may be All SEC. We don’t know, but he is certainly worth an offer from us. Heck, he looked better than any we had last yr but then that is not much praise I guess.

Welcome Ricky. Very glad to have you as a HOG!

This is great!

Nice write up Jim.

Josh Jacobs was a 3 star from Tulsa with minimal offers that plays for the best team in college football. Stars matter for sure but kids get missed or under evaluated all the time. If our coaches who watch hours upon hours of film like him that should be good enough for fans.

Jim, I remember Clay telling us years ago that the quick feet of an o-lineman were his most important asset. He was talking about Shawn Andrews, but nothing has changed in the meantime.

Thank you Jim! Enjoyed the information and analysis and agree with everything you said!

Good stuff…thank you sir!

Very true.

I think many are missing the greater point. We need depth on the OL period. We basically had (I think) 10 total Olinemen last year. At one point in training camp we only 8 available Olinemen… 8!! You can’t run 1’s vs 2’s in that scenario. We need at least 15 (3 deep) scholarship Olineman. Everybody expects them to all be 4 and 5 stars just waiting their turn. That may be the case at Bama but not at Arkansas. We need depth.

All true, navy, and in addition to the scholarship linemen we sign, it wouldn’t hurt to find a couple of good walk-on candidates as well. Linemen seem to get hurt at an inordinate rate, probably due to the stress on knees and ankles from the weight, and more bodies in practice can mitigate some of that. Don’t underestimate the Bosworth Effect.