Ricky Council

Happy Thanksgiving!


Is there any doubt that RCIV Is the best player on the team, and without him, the last two games would be in the lost column?

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If he continues to improve on his 32 foot shot he might have a chance in the league.

Excellent point, I hadn’t thought about the three pointer, was just looking at the last two games. When we were struggling and behind he was willing to take the shots, fortunately for him and us, he pulled it off.



A lot of plays are set up for RCIV through out the game. He also willing & very able to take over late when needed. Turning out to be one of Muss’s finest portal players. Alongside that Smith guy from Indiana a few years back.

Kinda wondering why it took until 6:30 left in the game before we turned it up, but it’s nice to know that he still had quite a bit in reserve.