Ricky Council?

Over as in not happening, or over as in done deal?


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How is this going to make sense
Nick Smith G
Anthony Black G
Devo Davis G
Joseph Pinion G
D. Ford G
Jaxon Robinson G
And Council G

That’s half your roster at Gaurd and no way keep everyone.

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And the Answer is??

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I never said the insider was correct.

He was replying to someone calling him out (and the person who called him out was 100% correct in doing so). To save face he hinted that JWill is coming back and Council is a silent commit. About 10 minutes after his post, RD made a comment on here saying he did not think JWill was coming back. Guess what, the other insider is now saying the same thing.

I was talking to my wifes sisters ex husband yesterday and he is a big fan on the other boards and he was saying it they were saying lock as well. I told him that is nice but I really only trust Senor RD in situations like these. But it seems as though most are on the same page.

Lets hope today is the day so we can celebrate with drinks.

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Assuming Council is on board…and Jaylin is going pro…that still puts us at 14.

Who are we guessing isn’t gonna be on scholarship next year?

Well, just to stir the pot, the Central Arkansas ABC TV affiliate, last night, showed a listing of our 5? incoming High School recruits. The one left off was Dunning. Was that just a stupid mistake on the part of Channel 7, or do they know something?

I noticed the top of the list said “Arkansas incoming high school recruits”, so I thought maybe they meant just the state of Arkansas, but I noticed Black and Walsh were both on the list. My guess is they made a very stupid mistake.

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