Ricky Council of Wichita St has set up a visit

Right now we are one over with J Will still undecided. Now we have a transfer coming in for a visit.

Something crazy is going on with this roster. Its too late to enter the transfer portal so this must mean there are one or two new players not going to make it to campus.

Are the twins staying in the draft? I just don’t see any of the freshmen not coming…this really has my head spinning.

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Senor Davenport said in a previous thread that they’ll find a way to work it out in a creative way so I’m guessing they already have a plan. Someone moves to a walk-on/NIL deal?

I know Muss and Senor Davenport have a good plan :blush:

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I have no inside knowledge or inside sources, but a grayshirt seems to me to be an option here. Who would be the question. My purely uninformed guess would be Pinion but that’s 100% guess.

Or the twins don’t come. One of the two.

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I mean when Muss had his post-season talk w/Jaylin maybe Muss got an inkling that JWill might be leaning towards staying in the draft, even though he said he was keeping his options open. So Muss recruited accordingly, bringing in Brazile and Graham to replace JWill and AToney, and the Mitchell twins for added frontcourt size and depth. Hell, I don’t know.

If Council is coming, something else has to change even if JWill leaves. Replacing JWill with Council still leaves 14 on the scholie list.


  1. Devo
  2. Kamani
  3. Jaxson

4. Nick
5. Walsh
6. AB
7. Dunning
8. Ford
9. Pinion

10-11. the twins
12. Brazile
13. Graham
14. Council.

Whereas if JWill comes back and Council comes on board, that’s 15 and 2 have to disappear. Thus my guess of the twins.

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Council would be a solid addition. One of the few bright spots for the Shockers this past season.

Not sure what to think about Council. He shot 44% from deep as a freshman but only 30% last year; the 44% was on only 27 attempts. And he had a lot of turnovers last year. What’s the real Council? But he seems to be the long guard Muss likes.

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he is long

6-6 with a 6-10 wingspan according to his WSU bio

18. Ricky Council IV, G, Wichita State

If you didn’t watch much Wichita State basketball this season well, you’re certainly not alone, but Council really was one of the few real bright spots. The super athletic wing averaged 12 points per game for the Shockers, including a 31-point effort against East Carolina.

The key for Council is consistency, as he was up and down all year.

But there’s no doubt about his athleticism, which is through the roof (literally and metaphorically)


There is no way they would bring him for a visit if they weren’t going to take him.

J Will and one more are gone/not coming.

J Will comes back and Council comes we have to lose two players.

Something is going on behind the scenes that we are in the dark about.

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Yup. Thus my guesses above.

I agree that you don’t bring him in for a visit if you’re not going to take him.


Same here. The only other positive is he will be coming in with 3 years eligibility remaining including the covid year. Maybe Muss is looking more to future years for help with Council? Can’t really tell anything about his defense from the stats (he didn’t lead the team in steals), so maybe he’s a really good on the ball defender?

He is a very good rebounding guard. #2 on the team. Maybe some Jimmy Whitt similarities. The 14% drop in 3 point shooting is definitely concerning. On the surface, it looks to me that Devo for sure, and probably Ford and Dunning would be ahead of him for minutes this year.

Well, a visit doesn’t guarantee a commitment once he digs into our level of talent on the team. It does seem to mean we have a real interest in him. A bit of a head scratcher.

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He’ll arrive on Thursday.

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Thanks, Do you know if he also has any other team visits set up?

I do not at this time.


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If Muss reads this board, which I bet he does, he’s probably grinning like a cheshire cat watching all of us twisting ourselves into knots wondering how he’s gonna pull all of this off.


I agree on this but the way the transfer portal is working these days who knows if that even matters.

Senor RD :bomb: :boom:

I like this kid

hey baked what’s the latest with the roster situation? i think you know more than you’re letting on.