Rick Stansbury?

Always gave us fits with Miss State

Great recruiter

How you feel about him?

Is Tarkanian still alive? If not let’s dig him up. Why settle for a lightweight cheater like Stans when we could have the godfather of dirty programs.

No Stansbury, either!

He’s in the “Hell No!” category for me. Let someone else put their integrity on the shelf. He’$ a $uper recruiter for all of the wrong rea$on$.

Just go to the court when the dust clears and hire a criminal! That must be what people want anyway win at all cost! I want to win but I don’t want our hogs cheating and in the middle of scandal.

No to another Slick Rick


That is funny…

Arkansas can do better. I hope so. If we hear about a hiring firm get worried

Please NO

I agree if we have a committe or firm we r SCREWED!!!

Has greatly underwhelmed at Western Kentucky

$tansbury dirty coach that underachieved with all his purchased recruits at M$U, just like Howland

No chance IMO…

Might end up at A&M though