Rick Schaeffer

Coach mentioned Rick went into the hospital before the game. I haven’t heard about this, what is going on with him?

praying for him… before all this interent age I called him in every year and talked sports,I always thanked he took time out to talk to me…

He is recovering, doing fine and out of the hospital after having a medical issue.

I wrote about it Saturday night. http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … alized-ok/

He was released from the hospital today.

Great news

Hoping for a speedy recovery for Rick.

I love Rick’s public persona. I don’t know him personally.

It does just kill me when some people rip him for being positive.

Being positive! A bad trait these days I guess. Gotta hate alot of stuff. Rip on it. be “realistic.”

Especially hate people not like you.

Well, I wish more people were like Rick Sheaffer.

I worked for Rick for 4.5 years and have known him for 40 (I was the first person outside his and her family to know that he was engaged to his future wife). What you hear on the radio is what you get. That’s 100% Rick.

My sentiments exactly!

I’ve known Rick for a long time and see him on Sundays at church, where he greets people coming in the door. He is a genuinely nice man. What you see and hear is who he is.

I got a kick out of… Not making fun of you or criticizing…because everybody uses this cliché

“resting comfortably”

Does anybody ever rest comfortably in the hospital?

That was the message Rick asked to pass along through the spokesman, that he was resting comfortably.