Rick Pitino Reportedly Expected to Be Fired Wednesday After FBI-NCAA Probe

What has gone on in the dark is now in the light, don’t be surprised if a couple of SEC schools are included. I see where Auburn’s 4star EJ Montgomery has de-committed. Just wait, those defendants hasn’t yet begun to flip

I read the Chuck Person indictment and arrest warrant on YahooSports.

Auburn has one current player clearly ineligible to play this year based on the documents, and probably a second.

The NCAA’s problem in all of this is that any one facing a criminal charge is not going to worry about keeping the NCAA happy by cooperating with their investigation. Criminal defense lawyers are not going to let a defendant/investigation target talk to any one until the criminal charges are resolved. So an NCAA investigation may move at a slower pace than the criminal cases.

On the other hand, Auburn can not risk playing a guy who may be ineligible, so regardless of whether the NCAA has finished its work the immediate impact should be substantial.

Looks like Jurich at louisville is out as well.

Right, it appears the common thread is Adidas, the CEO stated you will have their full cooperation, as I understand it monies were being funneled from or through this company to the parents of the high profile HS prospect / college university committed. Louisville HC R Pinto has since been terminated I don’t see how Pearl can survive this since this is his second incident

It seems that Adidas isn’t the only shoe/apparel company involved. Of course the major competitors are Nike and Under Armour. I’m not worried about MA, but you never know for sure about assistants who see a way to score some easy cash by steering kids to agents/advisors. As far as buying recruits, there’s a flashing neon sign over Rupp Arena and WWW, saying “FBI here we are”.

I heard the news about the dismissals of Rick Pitino and Tom Jurich on the Dan LeBatard radio show on ESPN. Their immediate joke was that Barry Alvarez would be the interim coach of Louisville basketball.

I think it will speed things up for the NCAA. Their gumshoes can’t force anyone to talk; they can threaten eligibility for players or the jobs of coaches, but no subpoena power. The feds can make people talk, and the NCAA can get information from the feds.

The feds are not real likely to start talking about their case with the NCAA before some or all of these guys start pleading guilty/going to trial, and maybe not even then. Their interest is to get convictions and guilty pleas, and discussing/releasing evidence to the NCAA is in no way helpful to reaching those goals. Trust me, federal prosecutors and FBI agents ask questions and only give answers when a judge tells them to or it suits their purposes. They have no legal obligation to give the NCAA anything during an ongoing investigation.

Keep in mind the NCAA found out about the investigation the same time you and I did. The feds never told them a thing, which some might say indicates a certain lack of trust that the NCAA would either have tipped off the targets or screwed things up for the criminal cases.

The NCAA will likely get some free nuggets when some of these guys start pleading guilty(I’m looking at you Chuck Person). As part of a plea bargain/guilty plea, the defendant has to admit to some bad conduct, and may be forced to cooperate with the NCAA. In the meantime the NCAA can talk to those not under indictment at the schools, including players, and we’ll see how many potential interviewees lawyer up.

Comments: One thing is certain there will be plenty of rumors reports and related articles regarding this whole mess leading up to the basketball season and most likely through it for sometime . I wonder if the NCAA has the character to stand up to the bigger schools within the power 5 conferences including their influential fan base. No doubt the small to medium school will be discipline but the big boys will get off with a hand clap

All the schools implicated so far are Power 5: Louisville, Auburn, USC, Okie Light, South Carolina and Arizona. Louisville and AZ have won recent NCs. SoCar was in the Final Four last year. Louisville took it seriously enough to suspend Pitino and Jurich and possibly fire them. I don’t see that there is any way the NCAA can let any of those schools skate, since the FBI is handing them their case. It is possible that steering players to agents or financial advisers wouldn’t constitute an NCAA violation, but buying a 5-star player for Louisville damn sure does.

EDIT: Oh, I left out one other Power 5 school implicated: Miami, which apparently also was trying to buy a recruit with Adidas money.

As Tark the Shark once said, the NCAA got so mad at Kentucky they put Illinois State on probation (or whoever it was he said). Yes, the NCAA has done things to UK in basketball and Alabama in football, but in my opinion, even then they got much less than an Arkansas would have gotten (the amount of punishment we got for some guys getting “overpaid” (by very small amounts) for moving furniture? Give me a break. I don’t know that it is possible to overpay for moving furniture, that is hard work!!!). When I see the NCAA do something to UK in basketball or Bama in football that hurts them so much they actually quit cheating I will believe it. Until then, not a chance.

Louisville is just as big a name in hoops as UK is. And they take this seriously enough to clean house within 24 hours. Of course, they also have Hookergate hanging over their heads, and may end up having to give back their recent NC and a whole bunch of games.

I have no doubt that when, not if, the feds find something with Nike, UK and World Wide Wes, UK won’t clean house, they’ll bunker down. And the NCAA doesn’t like bunkering down. Bruce Pearl didn’t get whacked with a show-cause penalty at Tennessee for inviting a recruit to a barbecue, he got whacked for lying about it. It would be OK with me if UK surprises me and takes their lumps, but I doubt it.