Rick Neuheisel: Get Back to Roots with Running Game

Here’s a column after listening to Rick Neuheisel from CBS Sports at the NW Arkansas Touchdown Club:

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2016 … -back-roo/

Michigan was down. OSU was down. Those are the roots.

What CBB needs is a new offensive scheme and some speed on defense (speed he hasn’t been able to recruit in four seasons).

New offensive scheme? Scoring points haven’t been the problem for the most part. His offense compares scoring very similar to Petrino’s.

Yes, we need a better defense!

We don’t need a new offensive scheme. At all. We need an above-average OL and defense.

The offensive scheme is very good but the protection is not.

We may need to change the scheme on defense and add more speed but the the offense is just fine minus the Oline.