Rick Jones' replacement named

This was a no brainer. Great pedigree. His dad, Joe Fred Young, was one of our great high school coaches in Arkansas.

I think Chris paid his dues because he has been at Greenwood for around 15 years or more. I figured Greenwood would promote from within, but that’s a job that would have commanded an impressive candidate pool. Greenwood is a great town and school district.

I played for Joe Fred at Fayetteville High. He really was a good coach. Good luck to his son.

Not to change the topic, but what kind of dog is that in your profile? Looks somewhat like Reuben.

Joe Fred Young coached at Little Rock Central, Conway and Fayetteville before going to Fort Smith Northside, where he spent his final 18 seasons.

He holds the distinction as the first coach in Arkansas high school football to take his team to the state championship game five years in a row, which he did with Northside from 1985-89. He took eight Northside teams to the championship game. He probably could have taken a ninth had he stayed around for another year. Northside won the state championship under Darry Marshall the year after Young retired.

Surprisingly, the Grizzlies only won the championship once under Young, in 1987 against Fort Smith Southside, which had won the regular-season finale between the teams a few weeks earlier. The next year Northside won in the regular season and Southside won a rematch in the state championship game.

Growing up my favorite high school game was the Battle of Rogers Avenue between those two teams, coached by Young and Barry Lunney Sr. Those were some great battles. Their sons, Chris and Daniel, wound up coaching together at Greenwood.

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Joe Fred is a fly fishing friend. We trade flies by mail and compare notes. He began fly fishing on Little Red when he was at Conway High. He took Bernie Cox to LR Central and left after two years and that’s how Bernie became head coach.

Bernie and Joe Fred are not only good coaches but great men.

He’s a Terrier mix.

Why can’t any these high powered Offensive Coaches take a job at say Central High School and convince a probable D-III basketball PF to play DE or LB???

Arkansas produces 10-15 legit Power 5 football athletes each year…problem is Basketball claims half of them as their preferred & only sport. :disappointed:

If you are a dynamite, high powered offensive football coach, chances are you can make more money some place beside LR Central and also have a full staff of assistant coaches. I do not think the LR public schools allow for much of a football staff.

You need to look at junior high as the place where kids are picking sports and maybe younger. AAU coaches are cherry picking the youngsters.

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Where is Rick Jones going?

It’s getting because because of superintend Michael Poore & AD John Daniels.

Parkview had five assistants when Bolding got there and he has seven now.

I believe Daryl Patton will have eight or nine assistants at Southwest.

That is a major change. Bernie Cox sometimes has only Norman Calloway and Eddie Boone. And Eddie left when basketball got going strong.

Until Poore, sports were an afterthought. He gets it.

I just hope the old guard doesn’t get back into power or it will go back to the old ways. He and Daniels are working on more improvements.


Missouri as a senior consultant.

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