Rick Barnes is done

No way he will assemble another team like this one and he couldn’t get it past the sweet 16. All of texas now feels validated. Well done, Rick!

Rick Barnes isn’t done! He’s a good coach and a good man! Where’s Texas with their new man?

It’ll be tough to replace all that experienced talent no doubt. But all Rick Barnes has done is win wherever he’s been and I don’t really expect that to change any time soon. I’d be perfectly happy to have him here.

They should have beat Purdue.

Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda…didn’t :sunglasses:

6 years at Providence, 3 NCAAs.

4 years at Clemson, 3 NCAAs.

17 years at TX, 16 NCAAs.

4 years at TN, 2 NCAAs.

I think he’ll be OK.


Here in Austin, they are not too happy with b-ball program since they let Barnes go.

Drop the mic!

Two of their best players (Turner n Williams) are underclassmen along with Bowden and Bone and they have a commit from a five star. Of course, Williams could go pro but he really doesn’t have a position…

Strange reaction.

You shoukd go see Texas board. They were saying what you just said.that they fired Rick and got worse with Shaka. But today they are saying “we told you so”. Remember Texas fired Rick for no going beyond first week during last seven years there and not developing players.

Rick should have slapped on some of the make believe instant 3 point defense last night, that any good coach teaches. He would have won.