Richards article "Hogs take aim at February targets"

If this doesn’t excite you nothing will! I’m hoping that the recruiting scenario with the new Hog coaches being time-constrained by early signing period is going to somehow work in our favor - there’s a large amount of unbelievable talent out there (in Texas especially) that didn’t sign early and the ‘top’ teams have already nearly filled their allotted numbers of recruits! … ets-20171/

What will really excite me is a defensive coordinator & his staff getting hired who bring instant credibility and a couple of great defensive line recruits with them.

The speed and length of the group of young men excite me!
The defensive coordinantor will be huge when it’s announced!
We need the Olineman in this class as well as the D lineman.

I agree with Army on speed and athleticism being our primary need across the team each year. I favor the defensive linemen over the offensive linemen given the talent level we face each week .

I get the defensive coordinator interest but talent and speed beat scheme every time and best coordinator is dependent on having best talent.

Effective recruiting is the name of the game. These new coaches come in here and recruit good for a couple years then they slide back into the abyss. It happens with every new coaching staff. If you don’t have a likeable personality or have the desire to recruit, please get you a job doing something else if you don’t mind.

I think you will probably get the first, but might be a chore getting the latter, especially with so many prospects having signed early.