Richard ?

We need offensive linemen in the worst way. They are low on numbers compared to other teams. Think I read Bama has 20 on scholarship to our 14. We have 3 committed now I think. How many are projected to be true tackles? And are we only going to sign 4 ? Wish they would sign 5. And lastly, we signed 2 jucos last year and neither has smelled any action. Misevaluations? Are we looking at any jucos in line this year?

OTs on campus- Brian Wallace, Paul Ramirez and Colton Jackson. Could play tackle Jalen Merrick and Johnny Gibson.

I think Ramirez could help them next year. Deion Malone is redshirting.He needed to add weight and strength.

OTs in 2017 class- Dalton Wagner, Shane Clenin and Kirby Adcock

Being recruited Chuck Filiaga and JC D’Marcus Hayes. Don’t be surprised if a new name or two pops up. I know of one that has mentioned interest in Arkansas. How far will that go I can’t say right now. I will say he’s considered one of the better OTs in the country.

I suspect they’ll sign four. Not sure they ink five.