Richard —?

Did the surprise visitor you hinted at ever make it, and who was it?

Did not. Was more than halfway to Fayetteville and they had an issue with their car.

Why are the football Gods so mad at us…

What could go wrong did, this weekend.

But it’s probably no big deal, just one weekend, shouldn’t have too big of an impact in the long run, I hope

You’ve got a lot of time on your hands, don’t cha bro?

Seems like we’ve had quite a few have car trouble getting here the last few years …hmmm

Get em all a Dodge Charger!

I sit in a classroom from 8-5 Monday -Friday, so yeah , I have a lot of time.

It’s also a really dry time of the year sports wise.

Other schools sabotaging vehicles.

Ole Miss would have hired some escorts from Memphis.

Yeah but that would be just for Bucky Freeze’s personal enjoyment.

Richard what state is this recruit from?

Rather not say at this time.