With the news of WMS deal today, I have a question about the impact.

Ever since the addition of the early signing period in December, there has been an additional thought to move it up to as soon as June or July if I’m correct. (Please correct me)

So if they were to move it up that early, before 2024, and we are missing out on a major recruiting weekend, how bad is that for us potentially? I know it’s not good just in general because you want kids at the spring game, some of the major schools have 30+ kids there. But if the early signing period was 2 months away I would think it would be a very, very big concern.

What are your thoughts?

I was under the impression that the recruits could go to the spring game in LR. They just couldn’t have contact with the coaches. Is that right?


So unlike it I was in Fayetteville, where they could be on a visit, they can’t be on the sidelines and interact with coaches and players.

Instead have to sit in the stands like a fan?

From a recruiting standpoint, it puts Arkansas at a disadvantage.

For the Missouri games, they’ll be able to host kids for unofficial visits and talk to them before and after the game.

You obviously miss out the opportunity to host kids for official and unofficial visits on campus.

This past Red-White game is a mirror of what they’ll face in the even number years if the SEC allows them to have the game in LR. Few kids visited because they couldn’t talk to the coaches. There’s really no reason for the coaches to invite kids to the game when they can’t have any interaction and they can’t tour the facilities, campus, etc…

You also miss out on having kids in for official visits during the spring game since schools can now have official visits from April to the end of June. Previous staffs always used the spring game for their biggest recruiting weekend in the spring.

With the A&M game being in DFW and the Missouri game being in LR, you have two less weekend to host kids for official visits. I would doubt any other school in the nation has that issue.

The home team in the Arkansas- Texas A&M series can give out tickets to prospects for the game, but can not have contact with them before or after the game.

Yes, unless the SEC changes and allows that.

Of course, how many kids are going to be on an official visit the day after Thanksgiving, on a Friday, at the end of the their regular season or during the beginning of the playoffs? Not many, if any at all. So, that angle doesn’t really hold water.

More about the spring game than anything.

But you also never know, may be competing for someone’s last official and that’s the last game, or it could end up being a top 25 match up 1 year and a little more high profile game.

Thanks Richard.

Even so, most kids stay home for Thanksgiving and they aren’t going to skip playing in a high school game. The disadvantage is nominal.

Garrett Bolles and Dwayne Wallace did in 2015. Really not a big deal. You can bring them in the day after Thanksgiving.

Bolles would’ve likely been a Hog had Pittman stayed.

Didn’t know that, big time miss.

I’ve been looking back over the years and can’t find one high school official visitor for that weekend. I could be wrong. I think the Missouri game is a nice compromise and has the least affect on recruiting.

He was planning to make an unofficial visit in addition to the OV, but that didn’t happen when Sam left.

Whether it be official or unofficial, there;s a good chance to have a good number of kids on hand.

I’d be interested to see how many kids visited that weekend in the past. Also, before the new signing period, most OVs were in Janauary and not during the season anyway.

I don’t know that it’s a huge disadvantage, but Arkansas doesn’t have room for any disadvantage. Not all high school players are in playoff games the Friday after Thanksgiving. Arkansas playoffs, for instance, have had two rounds up to that point as is the case in some other states. This agreement could impact recruiting but it will be something the coaches will have to work around.

Early signing period has dramatically changed things is what you’re leaving out. 2/3s of high school players signed in early December.

Not much left for OVs in January.

I suppose that’s why many are getting their OVs out of the way this summer.