What’s your thoughts on Coley committing on May 5th? Seems like we are the likely choice

Danny West said watch out for him👀

Tenn seems to be trending for Salter but I don’t think that’s totally over… Shall see.

Lucas looks promising but want to check on a couple of things.

I wonder if Hornsby gives Salter some pause about coming here? Malik was a little higher ranked and he will have one year in the program as a red-shirt freshman when Salter would be arriving.

According to 247 composite:

Hornsby - #200 overall - #8 dual threat QB - #30 overall in TX
Salter - #245 overall - #10 dual threat QB - #39 overall in TX.

Not a big difference in ranking, but the extra year in the system is pretty big. Yes, I know he’ll see competition wherever he goes, but most places might not be as young competition. I hope he welcomes the challenge and ends up coming here.

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