Is there any reason to assume that one of the basketball commits won’t sign next week?

I’m sure you’ve seen/heard that Justice Hill is saying that he bets one won’t sign. Not sure if he knows what he’s talking about, or if he’s just bitter.

Not Richard, and I don’t follow Justice Hill’s social media, but where did you see/ hear this? Based on Dudley’s recent articles, it seems like all 4 kids communicate on a group text and are excited about playing for the Hogs together.

Answered this in the Jalen Tate thread.

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I think the obvious answer to your question is with college recruiting anything can happen!

Not a good look from the young Hill regardless…

Very true, and from everything I’ve read, out of character for Justice. I imagine Dr. Hill is not very happy with his son right now.

KK just said he was solid on Arkansas on Instagram live. He did not know why everyone keeps asking him that. WPS! Hill has sour grapes!

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You saw this or someone told you about it? I don’t follow him on insta but went to his account and there was no replay of it, like there normally is.

It wasn’t on instagram, but somebody got a screenshot on twitter:

That’s what Justice said. Jeff_Hart said KK told people he was solid to Arkansas.

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I asked the question to him personally.

“solid on Arkansas” has been the mantra since November. Kind of like “check is in the mail”. Hopefully the check deposits in the UA account this week. Otherwise rumors are going to fly.

Where else are they going to go at this point, PJ? The big boys already have their class set, and everybody is playing the transfer portal for immediate help. Honestly, where else are our unsigned recruits going to go? I just can’t, for the life of me, understand why you still doubt that Muss will sign this class. I just hope Isaiah stays, we sign our commits, and we actually have a season next year.

I am hanging on to that. That is why hoping it gets wrapped up this week or at least the signing dates are announced.

Agreed. I don’t mean to single you out, PJ, but you have been so negative for months on whether Muss can sign this class. I think he will, and I think Mason will 100% end up regretting leaving early.

“Negative” is saying what Justice is saying that someone is not going to sign. I have never said that.

I have been worried ever since they committed but did not sign. I don’t know why everyone is relaxed about it until they sign. In business we say once you do a handshake to agree to do business, 10 things can happen until the contract is signed and only one if the ten is good.

Look, we got to sign these 4 high school guys to have a core group that can provide continuity in the program. I know if Muss does not sign high school freshmen, he can sign grad transfers, but I don’t think that model is self sustaining long term.

PJ you are a positive hog fan in my book! So is Jermey! We will have a solid team next season that can compete! The added depth and size inside should change the story on being clobber on the boards too! It will be nice to see our hogs have enough depth to give our staters the energy to close out games.
Jones May regret leaving if he ends up staying in the draft but I wish him all the best. He has over achieved too this point and shows heart on the floor. What an impressive difference between year 1 and 2.
Joe hasn’t announced yet so I have hope he comes back next year!
These 2 grad transfers ( both Guards) with height should help rebounding
My thought at this point is we now have 13 once Moody, KK and Williams sign so it CEM signs another transfers
The 7’3” big man would make it 14 who would transfers out?

!i heard KK is signing this week. Relieved to hear that. Could be the Hog PG for next four years. I know KK thinks that.

I read on another board KK is signing April 15. If I read it correctly.

I don’t think that PJ has been saying that all three were not going to sign.

What has been coming off to me is him saying that Moses might take his ball and go somewhere else if Mason Jones stayed.

At times, it has seem like he was rooting for Mason to leave, which I don’t think anyone else has been a proponent of that I remember.

PJ also loves Coach Anderson - as I do the man - and it has come across at times that he doesn’t want Coach Muss to achieve more than Coach Musselman.

But in his heart, I believe what he truly wants is for the Razorbacks to be as successful as they can be,

It’s just the presentation as it is for all of us sometimes.