Richard -?

Saw Or heard a comment, not really sure where it came from, (regardless) that this recruiting trip was much different and better organized than a recruits previous recruiting trip here, under the last staff.

Do you have any light to shed on the differences and how much better it is being run ? Thought that it was interesting because I thought the only thing the last staff did well was recruit, but maybe they didn’t do that as well as they should have if it was unorganized in OVs .

Allen Horace said “It went a lot smoother than last time. Everything was more well put together."

Wasn’t able to follow up but will.


It went well enough for Horace last time to commit, so it couldn’t have been too bad.

A lot of the people working in the recruiting department were working there when Morris was the coach. The itinerary is packed every day of an OV. Very little downtime other than about a two hour break Saturday afternoon before dinner.

One thing I won’t, until you or someone else in the know tells me otherwise, is criticize Morris on recruiting. I do get that some guys may like more “down time”, others may want a full agenda. If I was being recruited somewhere and was just in for a weekend, I would not want a lot of downtime. But others may like it.

The visits are fun and informative but they can wear you out. Kids and parents will tell you that.

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