Richard -?

Sams not seriously doing an in home with John Oliver is he? That would seriously make me start questioning a lot of things

Why is that? Kid had a good year

Why is that?

Where is this being reported?

Saw a tweet saying he was - it was a random account but JO retweeted it.

So did about 500 other kids in the state who aren’t even remotely close to D1 level.

You watch him any? He has a good motor. May not be able to be real choosy this year

Yes, I have. we Never have to be that choosy

Don’t see it.

Ok, just making sure. Thanks

He is likely not going to get an offer, but there is no need to denigrate the kid.

John obviously wants to be a Razorback very much.

I think that is pretty cool.


Not trying to denigrate him. But at what point does someone admit that what’s wrong is what’s being promoted by fans and people allowing more and more false hope to build.

There are thousands of kids in the state who don’t have the talent to play in the SEC And want to be a Razorback. Thats not much of a criticism to them.

If anything the fans should stop setting him up for disappointment. That’s what’s unfair about it.

Didn’t want to start another thread convo on this, because there has been several in the past, just wanted to see if that was even remotely true what I saw, which I assumed it wasn’t.

Perhaps I am wrong. But I just don’t see the use in this post.


I could definitely be wrong, not saying I’m not in the wrong.

I just didn’t realize it was unfair criticism to say an SEC school shouldn’t ever be in a situation that they can’t choose other options over someone with 360 yards rushing in a week conference and no offers.

Coach was at the basketball game! You would know that if you watched the game!

The trend in this post is over the top guys. This one ought to be locked monitors

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