Richard you hearing anything on midweek or this weekend visits

Anything brewing ? Especially on the DL? Or anything with Jack Bech? Bech would be perfect for us! His blocking and up the seam skill set, would go well here… and last anything new on Ketron coming back? Armstrong, Bech and Ketron coming back would be a home run

Last I checked, I believe so but I’m telling you things can change at the drop of the hate. I believe Arkansas will take another WR but right now I don’t know who it might end up being.

Still expect a good number of visitors this weekend.

Just heard A&M is interested in Ketron.

I would swap him for the Aggie defensive tackle\end.

Richard any updates on this weekend’s visitors?

Hope to soon. I think a lot has changed.

For the good or bad? Come on now you can’t leave us hanging like that

As noted elsewhere, CB Gavin Holmes isn’t visiting and I had him penciled in for a visit. So much can change. As soon as I get a good idea who’s coming I’ll post.

Can we possibly match Texas’s signing bonus (under NIL) for Holmes?

Unless something has changed, he was suppose to visit Texas this weekend.

My bad; I’ll change it. Same thought process however.

No problem. I figured you meant Texas.

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