Richard with a little over a week to go

Could you give us your picks on who we finish with as of today …

This is gust your educated guess.

Certainly not RD, Robert Scott, Jalen St John, Allen Horace , Malik Hornsby and Andy Boykin. CSP will try to fill any spots left with grad transfers.

Marcus Henderson and B Jones both sign with UGA. Frazier to Auburn.
WR S Williams to SMU.

I think that is a good guesstimate. The portal cb from Missouri may be in the mix too

That would be a heck of a finish!

I don’t think it’s over for us with Henderson.

There is still ? on Savion Williams as well

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Cb by 247 of Scott to FSU


I’m not going to be surprised he even said he really didn’t even want to come to Arkansas to visit but he’s glad he did so we’ll see what he does.

There’s just no telling with kids thier age. But if CSP and our new O-Line coach can improve the O-Line even marginally, and thier history of developing O-Linemen, we will get our fair share of Linemen over the next few years. Winning more than 2 games this next season will also help considerably.

Robert Scott- FSU

St John- Arkansas

Horace- UTSA, could be wrong

Hornsby- Arkansas

Henderson- Arkansas or Ga. Ole Miss in there too.

Jones- I’ll go with Ga but Arkansas and Auburn have solid shots

Frazier- Auburn

Williams- Arkansas

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so when is the secret TE recruit going to get a visit?

Really hard to stomach losing a recruit against UTSA. The others are understandable at least.

yeah makes no sense.

Wonder what the backup plan for TE is?
If we’re not looking good at either of our 2 primary targets, maybe a big body like Savion?

Relationships often trump schools. Even if it’s UTSA. Same things will be said about Arkansas by UGA fans (we lost a recruit to Arkansas, really!) if we can convince Jones to come.

Sure it does.

Barry Lunney and Jeff Traylor were the main reasons he was coming here, not Morris, not Arkansas.

Yes, Arkansas is a bigger school and in the SEC, but now it is a bigger school who has won 8 of its last 36 games, had back-to-back 2-10 seasons and are now without two people he trusts.

I am not certain that is where he ends up, but certainly can see why he might.

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Can put it off on relationships and all, and that’s usually understandable, but not to a school like UTSA over and SEC school. Clearly that’s why he’d go there, just crazy to think about. They’ve only won 7 games in the last 2 years, so, not like they are even a decent G5 school.

I think Dudley did a very good job of explaining why we could lose this particular recruit to UTSA.

There are lots of factors that go into a kid’s decision. School prominence might be the biggest factor to most kids, but it might be way down the list on another kid’s.

Relationship and trust are the two most important items in recruiting. Most commit to the assistant coach recruiting them. It isn’t always like that, but it is most of the time. And, Jeff Traylor and Barry Lunney are both excellent recruiters.