Richard? Will the new women's coach have any chance...............

…of getting the #1 guard in the nation who plays for Central Arkansas Christian to consider Arkansas? She has UConn, Baylor, Tennessee and two other WBB power houses on her short list. No mention of Arkansas. Is she set on leaving Arkansas or just set on not considering the Hogs while Dykes was coaching?

Everything that happened with the kneeling incident pretty much guaranteed she was leaving.

I remember her tweeting something along the lines of she wouldn’t come to Arkansas after the national anthem incident. Plus she has a UConn offer. I can’t see any way Arkansas beats UConn for a women’s basketball recruit right now.

Agree with the posts above. Kind of thought she was headed to UConn from the get go.


When you mention that she would not come to Arkansas after the national anthem incident, is that because the players actually did that or because of the backlash, e.g., the death threats against the players involved?

Backlash against players is what I would bet.

It was because of the negative fan reaction.

Wow, the decision of the players to kneel, along with Coach Dykes’ decision to support them (or at least not to talk them into some other approach) was really a no-win situation. I doubt there are many schools in the land (including UCONN?) who’s fans would have reacted much differently than Arkansas fans. Yet, this is evidently a subject that may haunt the new coach for a few years to come. This is a player attending CAC, one of the more conservative religious schools in the state, and yet she was evidently offended by fans reaction, which was mostly a reaction to be offended by the lack of patriotism and respect shown by the players. I suspect part of Dyke’s reasoning was that if he didn’t support the players it would hurt recruiting black athletes… yet it had the effect of hurting recruiting because he did support it. Again… no win situation. I wonder how hard they tried to talk them out of it?

Another problem I can think of is that the women’s basketball team was not winning enough games to be able to afford to make controversial public statements. How could a team perennially in the cellar of the SEC go off and do something antisocial and unpatriotic? The team needed chips to cash in against the negative PR hit. Nolan ran into that in his latter years with his sometimes intemperate remarks about race, society, himself, etc. When he was winning, those intemperate remarks would be tolerated despite their peripheral negative effects on the image of the school and the recruiting of other athletic programs within the school. When he stopped winning a lot, the maintenance costs of his remarks got too high.

While the death threats were inexcusable, I’m glad that so many fans were offended by that stupid hey look at me exhibition. It served no useful purpose. Nothing good came of it. If my opinion offends Ms. Williams, so be it. I seriously doubt that she would have come to Arkansas if the fans had given those lame Kaepernick copy cats a standing ovation.

All SEC finals in women’s basketball. No UCONN.

Got to love it.

Don’t think UConn’s coach would have allowed. Listen to him about any topic and it is obvious no way he would have allowed.

I would hope there was. Disagreeing with their protests or protesting the protestors is one thing. Threatening a young girl with death is completely over the line.

As I said back when it first happened, the over-the-top fan reaction with death threats and threats of bodily harm would hurt basketball recruiting.

It wasn’t the patriotic reaction that did it, it was the idiotic one.

I’m sure it would happen many places, but the doesn’t really matter one bit.

Problem for Arkansas is that it happened at Arkansas

I’ve always thought she would end up at UConn, but it is going to probably cost Mike Neighbors or whoever they hire trouble for awhile