Richard what's going on with Henry

Seems like you’re not thinking we have a good shot to sign him I thought we were looking good what happened?

I think it comes down to math, as in, he needs College Algebra to play in the SEC, he doesn’t in the ACC. That’s a rumor going around, mostly from Vol fans.

Before FSU entered the pic I would’ve said Arkansas.

I hate to hear that he is a great linebacker!! The kind we have to have…

really runs the gamut, had TX over GA headed into Sugar so homestate UGA has probably offended him. FSU has long been potent rival in recruiting, way back even pre Newberg recruiting start.
Somehow seems to have strong connections on all his KJCAA mid term commits:

someone younger could read it better than me

youdaman, this is no different than any other year when we “lose” (did we ever “have” him to lose??) someone “we” wanted and posters decry the “loss”, talking about how much we needed this particular guy, etc. In decades of watching such activity, some of those guys pan out and do pretty well elsewhere, but many (most) of them have undistinguished careers. And many of these are “can’t miss” guys - 4 and 5 star dudes. Might they have done better had they come to Arkansas? Perhaps. But probably not. Lots of them that do end up at Arkansas don’t move the needle too much.

Bottom line is that, with few exceptions, I’m much, much more interested in who ultimately DOES sign with Arkansas than those we “lose”. And I try not to let any one recruit impact my evaluation of the class as a whole. Many times it is the guy I overlooked who ends up being the headliner of the class while his more heralded classmate doesn’t do much as a Razorback.

I never said we lost him I just said we need to have him and his type ability on this team if we’re ever going to make it to the next level. All you got to do is watch his highlight tapes you can see his talent.

He’s officially decommitted from Tenn.

Richard is there truth that he lacks a math class and possibly can’t get in the SEC?

Because he wants to open up his recruiting to other schools including the SEC or because he is lacking a math a class can’t qualify in the SEC?
Considering the ACC maybe.

Arkansas hasn’t stopped recruiting him.

That’s promising then.

Never said YOU did; was talking in a more generic sense into which your post/comments generally fall. We “lost” a player is the way the complaining fandom usually characterizes it, and I was pointing out that you don’t “have” something until they sign with you, which is not the case with any of these examples.

But beyond that erroneous characterization of “have” or don’t, it’s the way many fans, way, way over-react to any “lost” recruit. Happens several times every year. “Oh, what are we going to do without xxxxxx?”.

Like I said - I’m interested in the ones we DO sign. There are, from time to time, some interesting tales of how someone seemingly headed for Fayetteville ended up elsewhere. But most of those names are forgotten within a few months. A few, who make it big, are brought up again. But most of the ones who don’t make it (the majority) are not kept up with.

My post/comments are MY opinion and don’t fall into any pattern.I sometimes agree sometimes I disagree but most of the time they are reality of what’s going on. All I said was I hate to hear that we may not be the FrontRunner for the kid. You took it and tried to make a big deal of it.