Richard what do you think we finish with?

Or who is better?


Then I would go Marvin Johnson, Jayden Gardner, Christian Bishop, Taze Moore or other.

I think there could be one from out of left field too.

What are your thoughts on Lawson, RD?

That surprises me a little. We would consider Marvin and Lykes both? I figured he’d be off the table after Lykes committed. I thought Johnson considered himself a PG.

He was a point at EIU but he’s also 6-6. Could be a Tate replacement.

RD just rolling in and dropping bombs this AM.

RD proven to be the man to listen to. Playing chess while the rest are playing checkers.

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Very true

RD has actual sources. The rest of us are guessing.

I really hope we land Gardner. Think he’s UVA bound from what I’ve read, but he would fit in nicely here. Justin Smith Part II.

Gardner will make his decision public on Monday


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I’m seeing more of NC State for Gardner. He’s a Raleigh-area guy. But UVa wouldn’t be a shock. If he’s not a Hog. Never rule out the power of Muss in the portal…

Gardner or Bishop would be icing on the cake. Either could play a small ball 5 if JWill needs a break or gets in foul trouble. I do think Mawein is a player, but will need time to adjust to SEC intensity.


Does Umude’s commitment change Gardner’s thinking any? Perhaps he is now the last piece of the puzzle for a legit Final 4 run next year.

At UVa he’d have to think he’s got Final Four possibilities too. NC State, not so much. But Jeff Borzello left UVa out of his way-too-early top 25. We were 12th, and he just tweeted that’s too low now with Lykes and Umude.

Speaking of UVa, Indiana transfer SG Armaan Franklin committed to the Hoos yesterday.

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