Richard we take St John,Henderson, and Scott

I have a feeling St John coming on the 17th will commit. Henderson is waiting until February do you thanks we still get him? What about Robert Scott? I would love all three but we sure don’t need to lose Henderson IMO.

As of now, still like Arkansas’ chances on St. John and Henderson.

A source said Scott is somewhat torn between Arkansas and Ole Miss. Not sure what to think.

Ok . I was just wondering if there was room for all 3.

Probably make room if all three want to come.

Good. I know I would! All 3 are difference makers.

Is Jones the 4th O-line recruit in this class? Is that enough O-linemen for our needs?

There were 15 scholarship O-Lineman in 2019. They lost Colton Jackson, Austin Capps and Silas Robinson (transfer portal)
They added two in Luke Jones and Ray Curry to bring the total to 14 scholarship O-Lineman at present time.
Should the Razorbacks sign St John, Henderson and Scott that bring the total number of O-Lineman to 17 or 20% of total scholarships (85) allow by NCAA.

I may be dreaming, but wasn’t one of Sam and Bielemas big clashes was that Sam wanted Atleast 17-20 OL at all times and Bielema didn’t want that many?

If so, I’d bet that target range is where we will end up after February.

I’m worried about Henderson since Bama will be his last visit.

Another hypothetical for ya: if all three of those commit (bringing our total to 4), and Broderick Jones comes in for an OV and wants to commit, as well. You 100% take him, right?

Richard, I like the wars kid and wish we were pulling a few more out of Alabama. What is the status with him?

I would think so. I’m sure they would press for an answer (private or public) if they were tight on numbers.

The last update here-Brady Ward update

I’ll reach out again.