Richard ?s for you please sir

Hey Richard got a couple ?s for you…

Who all is coming in for a visit this weekend for the TCU game?

How do you feel about Nick F the DE for Georgia? Could you see us taking him and the Transfer from UGA?

And last, with Clary starting , do you think that helps with the OL from Star City, the OL from Lake Hamilton and the Lineman from Seracy ?

Will be checking, but I know Bumper Pool will be. He plays Thursday and will arrive Friday. Last I checked Byron Hanspard and John Mincey will also visit. Will be checking on them and others today.

Still feel good about Nick. I expect they would somehow find a way to take both if they wanted to come.

Help the in-state OL in what way?

Help in the fact that a “blue shirt” or "gray shirt " whatever they are called can clearly lead to playing time and scholarships… I don’t know if we can get all 3 on scholarship this class, but I think we need to get at lest 2 of the 3 and by this high school season end, maybe all 3.

One thing I just noticed is the Transfer from UGA , the DE, is from the same High School as are commit… Don’t we have some relationship with those high school coaches? And also don’t we have a relationship with the DL coach at garden city? I think we could sign 3 DLs from Georgia!!!

It certainly can’t hurt, but it usually is a $ issue one way or the other.

I would think if all three got offered, they would commit immediately.

But obviously they only have 15-18 spots and have 14 of those sports accounted for currently and others ahead of them in the pecking over.