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Looking at the profiles of our signees, Tom Lemming rates Su’a as the 8th best prospect in Arkansas. Yet we only signed three kids from Arkansas. What about the other five top 8 prospects? Are they underclassmen? Have bad grades? We missed on them? Just curious.

His top 10 (which is easy enough to find):

Shamar Easter. Pending
Quincy Rhodes. Signed
Jordon Harris. Went to Misery. No interest on our part apparently
Isiah Kendall, Newport. Jackson State commit, has not signed. Following Prime to CU? We kicked the tires, didn’t offer
CJ Turner. Knee problems, Colorado rescinded his offer after Prime took over. We kicked the tires, didn’t offer
DeAndra Burns, El Dorado. ASWho. May or may not have offered
RJ Lester. Okie Lite. No apparent interest
Walker Davis, Benton. ASWho. No apparent interest
Brandon Greil, Joe T. ASWho. No apparent interest

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That was 247 rating Su’a No. 8.

Just because they are in the Top 10 in the state of Arkansas, doesn’t mean we HAVE to offer or missed out. Let’s take a look at a couple of the Top 10 players:

#4 - Isiah Kendall (Newport)
Offers: Jackson St (signed), Air Force, Arkansas St, UCA and Florida Atlantic
ZERO SEC offers; ZERO P5 offers

#5 - CJ Turner (Star City)
Offers: Colorado (offer was pulled once Deion got there), Kansas, Memphis, Jackson St, Arkansas St.
ZERO SEC offers; 2 P5 offers
Recovering from ACL injury, not SEC material before injury anyway

#6 - DeAndra Burns (El Dorado)
Offers: Arkansas St (signed), UT Martin, Pittsburgh
0 SEC offers; 1 P5 offer
He’s 5’9" and 150 lbs. Not SEC material

There’s a reason we didn’t offer these kids.

I did not say anything about having to offer anyone or saying we actually missed out on anyone. If we did so be it. It would not be the first time.
I was interested in Richard’s view of the ones we did not offer compared to Su’a and I am still waiting on that.
I will say I am surprised in what is said to be a down year in Arkansas that Su’a is rated that low. I thought Richard might address that too.

Jordon Harris- This was his first year to play FB. Very, very raw but the athleticism is there. Arkansas took a look.

Isiah Kendall- I actually thought Arkansas might take a harder look at him. His film kind of jumps out at you.

CJ Turner- If not for the ACL injury, he might of had a better shot at an Arkansas offer. He attended camp in the summer but didn’t do enough for them to offer.

DeAndra Burns- Arkansas slowed down on him last year. Never asked why but I suspect his size hurt.

RJ Lester- They knew about him but never heard his name associated with Arkansas.

As far as Su’a, Tony Cherico thinks very highly of Joey. If you don’t know, Tony is the DL coach at Bentonville.

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