Richard, portal commits?

Richard you expect any more commits?

I could see LB Juwan Mitchell, who told me yesterday he’s announcing Monday.

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Still no defensive linemen while other programs are getting more than their share. Any hope for us to get some help at that position?

They are working on it but aren’t just in the mood to take bodies to have a body.

I think you will see defensive line portal activity after spring practice.

They certainly tried to get some of the top portal D-linemen that I hear LSU, Auburn, OleMiss, & others got instead. Apparently the ones that are left, they don’t want. Now another crop of portal players may come out after spring practice and we will try again. I hope Sam, the new DC, etc. have some hints from some prospects that may bear fruit. We sorely need them and any who come with talent can play a lot right away. Did any of our previous portal impact players come after they finished their spring practice?

Will likely have to wait til the spring.

The “…wait until…” has become a permanent response when describing the DL recruiting prospects for the Hill. Last year it was prefaced by hiring an attractive Defensive Line Coach that would presumably pull recruits to fill a depleted defensive line. That coach turned out to be journeyman Deke Adams, and in fact, help was secured through the portal transfer. Unfortunately, that player help was for less than one year with the Colorado NIL Gold Rush pulling in Dominick, and once again, the defense line needs are projected to be addressed in the Spring Portal. This is not reassuring for a competitive defense manned by SEC-type DLs in the fall. Where are the candidates Adams was going to attract? What seems to be the reasons for closing the DL recruiting opportunities? Are there valid reasons to expect DL transfers to be more abundant in the Spring Portal? If so, does this not also mean we are likely to suffer more portal losses then as well? All of this sounds to be at best, musical chairs where we are left standing after the portal closes. What am I missing?

You perfectly framed many of the questions we Hog fans are asking. What is your opinion? Are we going to finish strong in addressing our needs on the D-line?

Xavier Kelly came after the spring in 2020.

Arkansas got Utsey, Rideway and Williams in the spring and they enrolled in the summer in 2021.

Jordan Domineck, Terry Hampton were spring commitments and reported in the summer in 2022.

So far, only Landon Jackson (2022) and John Morgan III (2023) have enrolled in Jan. since the portal started.

Why is this? Can’t really say. With NIL starting in the summer of 2021, you can’t discount that not being a factor.

Thanks Richard. I did not remember so many coming after spring practice. Even though we went zero for the early signing portal D-linemen, there is still hope for help in the later bunch.

I agree. I did not recall that many either. But, with the turnstile created by the combination of factors - Buyer’s regret, NIL, Lack of Felt Program/School Affiliation, etc., etc., what can we really expect to net come Fall practice?