Richard or someone in the know

I am excited that Otey commited to Us. But just curious where did he get his ranking from. Did he go to a camp and do well? He stats are not mind blowing. Again this is not a knock on the kid, I AM extremely glad he is a hawg.

Not sure about Under Armour or Nike ones. Will find out.

Most kids are evaluated through film though. If they attend a camp like Nike or UA that’s a bonus.

Also most of their games were blow outs too. He and Trey Knox probably only played a half each game. DBs like Adonis usually don’t see much action on their side of the field. Teams avoid.

I am happy, and impressed by our staff. This is what we fans have been longing for. I am back to checking the board daily. Cant wait for 2019 season we have some real game changers on board.

He was lights out at some camps but at the Rivals 5-Star challenge (invite only and the best gain 5 stars) he performed really poorly to the point he is going to drop out of the top 100 probably, and possibly the 250.

I’m not going to hold 1 day against a kids entire body of work though. Plus it was Unpadded 7 on 7 which I think are a much bigger benefit to the WR’s

You’ll want to check tomorrow for sure.

That sounds interesting… I know of two guys set to announce tomorrow. Would be nice to get one… Would be great to get them both. Loving how this class is turning out and the work this staff is putting in.