Richard or Dudley

Do you guys have any good news for the hog fans? It would be nice to hear something. By the way thank you both for your hard work.

Bumper Pool is solidly committed.

As Richard noted, all of the visitors were impressed with the off the field stuff.

As I noted, 16 and 17 year olds look at different things than adults - especially die-hard fans.

It was one game. Not a trend yet.

Key word

Sometimes 17 and 18 year olds act better than we do.
My grandson was baptized today so today has been a blessing to my family.

Very true, and congrats to your grandson.

Thank you.

Yes, congratulations, to you and your grandson!

Dudley can you tell me if you believe Emmit Gooden is solid? Thanks for the good news on Bumper. I saw Coach B talking to him before the game.

He stresses that he is 100 percent committed to Arkansas each time I talk to him.

But obviously it’s all about signing the paper - this year on Dec. 20-22.

Yes. Very much so.

Arkansas has had bad losses and bounced back before as well as had big wins and then fell flat the next day.