Richard or Dudley

Now that we have a coaching change and intern coach, do we think we will sign 20 this class and does the new coach still have ample number of visits to use for any recruits not on our radar before today. I don’t expect you to know now but would be helpful to try to determine how any slots or visits the new coach will have for this class. Taking it that we feel good about 8 amd open on others at this point.

No idea. I was thinking about this last night. The new guy will have to study the roster and see what he has coming back and determine the number he wants to sign.

Best I can remember Arkansas has used 12 visits to they have 44 more so that shouldn’t be an issue.

Thanks, I know if I was an incoming coach under these circumstances, I would want to be able to get as many of my guys in place sooner than later.

It will be very interesting to see who decides to transfer this offseason. A couple of them seem pretty obvious. Some will surprise us, I’m sure. But some people have to disappear to make room for up to 20 signees.

I expect we will start hearing things on a lot of fronts in the next two weeks as finals roll around.

The new guy won’t have as much leeway as coaches used to because of the APR, but I suspect will like the 9-12 or so that definitely want to come to Arkansas and would thus have 6-9 to bring in his own guys.

No doubt going to be a lot happen before the Dec. 20-22 early signing period

I expect the new guy to sign 25. Multiple transfers will create the openings, IMO.

I suspect the new guy will sign the ones that 10 or so that want to sign in the Dec. 20-22 early signing period, probably has a few of his he get signed by then and then go to two with what is left over in the Feb. signing period.

A good class should be expected, a very good class should be hoped for, but a great class would take hitting the lottery.

I’m not sure you are going to have seven or eight transfers by Dec. 20-22, but you might by by Feb.

That’s might.

They may be as excited as some of you are about a coaching change

Not really worried about recruiting if you hire the right guy they will come.

Cornelius seemed to indicate he was waiting to see who the new coach was before making his decision to return or not