Richard or Dudley

Is it true that M Brown is going to play special teams this weekend? Burning a redshirt don’t make sense.

Nine games left in the season. It’s not like you’re burning it in mid-November. If he’s ready to contribute, even on special teams (maybe ESPECIALLY on special teams), play him. There’s the possibility for instance that if he’d been in there last week, Kirk doesn’t take it 100 yards and we win.

I guess that’s true.

Plus, Matt said it was quite possible Brown was having to deal with some last-minute paperwork to be eligible. This is what he said in another post:

“Bielema made a reference during his radio show before the TCU game that they were still working through a couple of final hoops before he was eligible to play, even though he had qualified to enroll. I’m not sure he was eligible to play until last week, at the earliest.”

Please do not assign the tag, “Miracle Worker” on this smallish player from Ashdown, AR. To say we might have won vs aTm with him playing is dreaming.

So very important to remember the new NCAA rule - you can now play up to four games and still redshirt.

You can’t say that because you don’t know. Tackling Kirk on the kickoff return would have been a good start. Maybe he doesn’t, but maybe he does. It’s another weapon on a team that clearly needs more of them.

Why would you recruit the guy if you’re not going to play him.

This kid was cleared just as classes started he missed summer camp. The last minute paperwork was prior to the first game. He could not even get on the field or go through any team activities until he was cleared.
Swine is correct about Brown’s speed he can be a difference maker.

Kid doesn’t have to be a miracle worker. In a close game, one play by one kid often makes the difference. There are so many examples of this that it ought to go without saying.

And of course he had to go through the NCAA prescribed protocol about not practicing in pads for the first few practices, etc.

Santos Ramirez did say last Wednesday that Montaric is practicing on special teams. That does not mean he’s practicing on the first unit of special teams.

I don’t worry much about trying to redshirt guys that were highly rated. They seem to have that inner clock that says after three years they should be headed to the NFL. Not saying they are right, but that’s how they look at it. If they can get on the field, then there is the thought that you are getting them ready to contribute in a bigger way the next season because they do have some experience.

If Montaric is as good as advertised, you aren’t going to have him five years.