Richard or Dudley, Texas recruits maxed out, development wise?

Dudley or Richard, I heard today Tom Lugenbill discussing the issues with the Texas in light of yesterday’s loss to Maryland. He said that despite their top recruiting classes, one of the issues Texas has with Texas high school recruits is that they receive such good coaching and training, they are maxed out by the time they get to college. In other words, they have no real potential to develop significantly and be top D1 players. Have you ever heard that theory, and what do you think of it? I have heard it before in the context of discussing Mack Brown and his decline and issues late his career. What do you think of this? This is topical in light of Arkansas’s renewed interest in Texas recruiting.

This has been discussed for awhile. I think there’s some truth, but I’m not believing they’re maxed out when they get to college.

Hard to believe an 18 year old body is maxed out. Plus there are plenty of schools that don’t have the resources of the bigger schools in the state.

Bumper Pool isn’t maxed. I know that. I expect him to get bigger, stronger and faster.

May be a little to it, but Texas athletes going elsewhere seem to be faring well.

Maybe it’s just an Austin thing

I have always thought that the number of Texas High School players signing D-1 scholarships was inflated because of the large number of football playing colleges in Texas too lazy to recruit out of state. The top kids in Texas are recruited by tons of top out-of-state programs. OU built its program on Texas recruits. So, there ARE a large number of good football players there, but some of the not-so-good players get signed by the Stephen F. Austins, Texas States, UTSanAntonios, when there are better players available in other states.

I have to call hogwash on being “Maxed Out” of potential at 18 years old. That makes no sense what so ever.

The argument is not about physical growth but about coaching. I believe compared to Texas HS kids FL & LA kids have a higher ceiling. Kids like Dak Prescott would have been coached & developed much more at a TX HS

I gonna add “Hooey” :sunglasses:

I’ve heard that Texas HS FB is like the Big12 - all offense and not much defense. I have heard that it has made Texas HS FB softer at times. As for UT I have been told that the culture is deeply screwed up and that Charlie Strong did his best and could not make a dent in the Prima Donna culture. Herman probably isn’t going to do much better than Charlie. The “We are Texas and you should bow down to us” arrogance is finally biting them. They have too many 5 stars and not enough 3 stars with chips on their shoulders for any coach that doesn’t have MAJOR credibility to bring discipline. They need a Saban type coach to whip them into the Texas of old.

I never saw a direct quote, but I’ve heard this was the reasoning BB provided for not recruiting TX harder. (Referring to original post).

That and the fact BB stands up in front of 100 plus Texas high school coaches (who, for the most part run a hurry up wide open offense) and tells them his pro style offense will run them off the field unless they change their mindset. BB had a way of cramming his thoughts down throats and I doubt many Texas high school coaches wanted to help BB’s recruiting efforts.

One could argue you NEVER “max out” except in you own mind. How do you measure maxing out?

I don’t beleive that about being maxed out…a lot of players miss out being great by 1 ft,distance between the head and heart!

They get up to the Texas and find out they are going have to work harder than they want to be great. good will always be the greatest enemy of great…I have seen with a LOT of my athletes I had a bunch sign schollies but could have a whole lot more if they didn’t end up a 1 ft short.

Hammer that nail, Youdaman. Two truisms.
The winnowing takes place from that B-grade to the A-grade.

Nobody ever said it would be easy.

He didn’t recruit Texas better because his staff tried to use it connections elsewhere.

Worked early, but not late.