Richard or Dudley. Question

LSU had a player cleared by the NCAA today. Have we heard from the NCAA to clear M. Brown.? Also can he start to class before the paperwork clears

Dudley has been on this more than I have.

Montaric was scheduled to arrive in Fayetteville today.

Like Michael Taylor last year, he is just waiting on clearance.

Could come any day

Thank you! All of you guys do great work.

He’ll just use it as his redshirt year if it doesn’t come in time. LSU has a 4* DT having to redshirt because he didn’t qualify in the Clearinghouse’s “eye”. It seemed previously that these guys couldn’t enroll, is it back to a Prop 48 deal now?

SEC change their rule on nonqualifers back in 2008. … t-say-yes/