Richard or Dudley? I expected the first grad transfers to be..........................

…mostly power forwards or centers. So far, it seems to be leaning towards more guards and small forwards. Interesting. Does this mean that CEM doesn’t believe we need a replacement for Gafford some other big men with scoring and rebounding power?

When given the chance, I will ask him.

It looks to me like he has the idea of getting better at the 3 and 4 spots.

If a monster 5 is available and will consider Arkansas, I am sure he would like that guy.

There is a rumor that two guys maybe leaving. But it would explain the influx of guards he is looking at.

This. All 3 of the guys linked so far are big guards who can easily slide over to play the 3. The Haitian kid from UNCW could also play the 4.

I figured we’d look at 3 grad transfers and hope we can land Kyree Walker

Grad transfer no. 1- A versatile wing who can score (Cheatam and Grayer fit the bill here)

Grad transfers no. 2- 6’7-6’8 forward who can score the ball (Cylla fits the bill here as well as the kid from Drexel)

Grad transfer no. 3- A big with size (no names currently here but I’m sure they are coming)

If no options for the 3rd spot maybe you add another versatile forward. Play small ball and create match-up problems.

Doesn’t Walker address no. 1? Do we need two at that position or more at #2 or #3?

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Good chance it’s to late for Walker to reclassify to 19.


I was watching Trey Biddy’s podcast on YouTube and he had Danny West on. He said it was doubtful that he would be able to reclassify. I don’t know how he knows.


Sounds like the right plan.

The previous regime was thinking 2 bigs and one wing.

Based on the new plan, I wonder if what Bake says is true. I mean about two other players leaving. I have a gut feeling who those two could be.

Here is the thing. With #1 - they are both 6’5 guards. Cheatam has worse stats than Joe or Jones. Grayer is similar. Both Joe and Jones are 6’5. Since Sills is too small for the SF position, then Jones or Joe would have to play that position. So, I don’t think either of these guys would be “versatile wings.” Sure looks like they’re not any better than what we currently have. I get the Grad Transfer thing, but to me they’re not what everyone thinks.

#2. Cylla is what I think of a SF. The way Lynsannity is using him is as an undersized 4. So, I’m all for Cylla at the three. It allows Joe to move to the SG, and Harris as PG. then the bench would be Justice, Sills, and Jones.

#3. The 6’9 kid from Drexel is what I see as a PF. So, he falls into the “Big” category, but he actually has range which would allow our 4’s to match up underneath with other fours. I do, however think we need a 6’10 + guy, until next year. (Williams)

Now, if we get Grayer, I wouldn’t be too upset. He’s a pretty good player. As RazorAg said, a replacement for KES (but I agree with you, I think we should be looking elsewhere first).

Now, as for the two rumored to leave, look at my number 1 and think about it.

Here is what I don’t think you see, or maybe I’m wrong, or we are just going to agree to disagree. Did you see the highlights on Cheatham (I haven’t watched Grayer)? He is a long 6’5, dunks with ease, handles ball very well, in today’s college basketball he can play the 3. He looks like he has the frame and the defensive instincts to guard a SF. Joe is willing, but until he fills out he will struggle against bigger guys. Jones is a good college player, but is a step below in terms of athleticism.

Recall Texas Tech. Who did they play at the 3? It was Jarrett Culver who is listed at 6’5. They really didn’t have a true SF who played a lot of minutes. Speaking of Grayer he must be pretty rugged if he averaged 7.3 rbs a game his JR year.

It will be interesting to see how this goes. I would be thrilled to end up with Cylla and Cheatham.

First of all…I am really loving the fact we have a bunch of transfers (ones that seem solid and potential upgrades) that are very interested in us and clearly that is because of Coach Muss.

If the rumors are true I have an idea of at least 1 of the 2 and possibly both. Just waiting to see if you or PJ are going to release the names but if not all good and understand why if you don’t. When Coach Muss talked about his offensive style and how he typically plays my 2 came to mind quickly.

I sent you a pm

The highlights were pre injury. I’m not saying he won’t be better than last year, but his stats say he is a downgrade to both Joe and Jones. He also has a negative assist to turnover ratio. Jones, Joe, and Sills do not. Now, I don’t necessarily disagree about Joe getting stronger, but I don’t think Cheatham (per stats) would be an upgrade. I don’t know how much he has actually healed.

As for Grayer, his stats are comparable to our guys, but he has a positive A/TO ratio. He looks (stat wise) to be the better player.

Cylla also has a negative A/TO ratio, but he is 6’7/6’8 (depending where you look) so he has the length and size to play the three and be effective.

By the way, the 6’6-6’8 SF is what I thought was CMA’s biggest issue while coaching here. Not the guards or post players. The best one we had (IMO) was Qualls (listed as 6’6 on our rosters), but was actually 6’4+ at the combine.

You know who had negative Assist to Turnover ratios? Daniel Gafford and Dusty Hannahs (Qualls avg 1.5 assts and 1.3 TOs). Guys with the ball in their hands are going to make turnovers. It isn’t the end all be all of stats. Also if we are going to fixate on stats (which shouldn’t be the main indicator if a guy fits or can play), then Cheatham career FG% is 6% higher then Jones and 5% higher then Joe. I guess that makes him a better player.

I have no names to release. Remember all I said is “if what Bake says is true”.

Correct, it’s a rumor. I brought it up, but won’t say the names, until Dudley or RD start saying there is something to the rumors. Although, it would explain all these offers to SG’s. :smiley:

I think the reclassifying thing varies as I’ve seen some announce they’ll reclassify during the summer. I think Kira Lewis at Bama announced he was reclassifying last August.

We Arkansas Fan’s better get use to position less basketball because it’s not going to be your Eddie Sutton 1 Thur 5 position basketball