Richard or Dudley, Hudson Henry Question

As if you’ve not heard this one, but here’s the weekly Hudson Henry question: Do you think he likes the way Coach Morris is utilizing the tight end this year? I may have missed it if he has commented on it. He’s got a great opportunity between Arkansas and Stanford. He’d be the topper to what has been an outstanding class so far.

He liked what he saw in the spring game and wanted to see the TE being used this season.

O’Grady 10-125, 2 TDs

Cantrell- 6-90, 1 TD

Patton 5-45

Gunter 2-21

Season totals- 23-281 and 3 TDs

That’s with O’Grady missing games.

In a word, yes.

Thanks, Richard and Dudley, for your answers. I figured he did, but just checking. Thanks for all you do.