Richard ? on the DL

Hey Richard, hope you are doing well.

Any word on how Edwards in home visit went?

Also, Jordan Wright… this does not look like we are going to win out according to other reports… How do you feel and do we have another DE recruit that could help next year in play?

I am not so sure that we are going to have coach Segrest next year, seems like all the DL’s we are recruiting are being recruited by other coaches… maybe I am reading to much into it… But Edwards seems to be Coach B and Rhoads… Wright seems to be Hargreaves … Turner is being recruited by Mike Smith… The only recruits I recall Rory being on was the Woods kid, who went to MIchigan and the LBer Thomas Johnston and he seems to be trending to other schools… Any feel for this??

Edwards’ in-home is tonight. Bielema and Rhoads will be in the house.

I’m not convinced Wright is a lost cause just yet. Shall see.

Rhoads had a previous relaltionship with Edwards and he also recruits his hometown of Houston. Hargreaves recruits south Florida so he’s the lead recruiter of Wright.

Segrest recruits Alabama and Georgia so that’s why you don’t see him being a lead with Edwards or Wright. Turner is from Hammonds, La. and that’s Smith’s area too.

Each position coach does get involved with kids at their position. Segrest will be involved with DL but not the lead unless they live in Bama or Ga.

10-4 man… Thanks