Richard on Football class finish

How and who do you think we finish with ?

We have to get some transfers in here also right ?

Need some DLs for sure .

Not Richard but…

Coaches don’t know how many we’ll be able to sign, because we (and everyone else) can go up to 32 signees/transfers if we lose seven people in the portal. Already losing one (Oglesby), so that’s 26, but I expect most of the rest to enter the portal in December or January.

Maybe RD or DD would venture a guess on the first six, but beyond that is a lot of uncertainty.

This is only for players who transfer after Dec 15th. Oglesby doesn’t count toward that number.

Pretty confident WR Sam M’Bake will be a Hog.

I’ll say DL Curlee Thomas or another DL. Wildcard here.

That’s right. I’d forgotten that distinction. So it’s still 25.

Expect others to leave. Definitely have one in mind.

I would expect Hornsby to leave, hope not but probably.

He might who knows but he’s not the one I’m thinking about.

I’m more worried about AJ Green. he has such great speed and balance, but is not playing much. I really really want to watch him grow up and explode-in a hog uni!


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Curlee Thomas has chance to be like Anderson for Alabama for us. We really need to get him to visit. Any shot?

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