Richard on Bohannon

Richard do you still feel good on Bohannon?

Both Arkansas and Baylor are feeling good. I’ve heard the word confident from Arkansas, but evidently Baylor feels the same.

That said my gut is saying Baylor.

If he picks Baylor he must like losing. Going 4-8 is really bad but it’s much better than 1-11 with a loss to UTSA. Come to think of it, UNC also stunk this season at 3-9.

I have heard that Bohannon is visiting Memphis this weekend - is this true?

Yes, he is visiting Memphis this weekend.

This is very surprising to me, I thought the CM hiring would be to his liking. There must be a guarantee of immediate playing time at Baylor to have them in the running at this point. Hate thought of losing him if we do, but none the less wish him the very best. WPS

This first year will be a challenge for CM in Ark. as he only has couple weeks to develop a relationship when most of the schools we are competing with have 1-2 years of relationships to fall back on. The fact that he has turned some recruits is positive for now and in future but it is asking too much for anyone to bat 100% in this situation.

I think that even 50/50 is better than odds at first of Nov for Hawgs chances.

I am fine with Bohannon going to Baylor, because CM can’t be expected to be a miracle worker…and we have Kelley, Storey, Hyatt, and Connor Noland

One week to develop a relationship vs. months for Baylor. Very hard to overcome that.

We have 1 great QB in this class. If we get a second, great. If not, it just wasn’t meant to be. We will be fine.