Richard? Now that Neighbors is hired...............

…I assume his first phone call will be to Christyn Williams @ CAC to ask her to consider the Hogs. <LINK_TEXT text=“ … /id/210625”></LINK_TEXT>

Do you think he has any chance to persuade her to give it a look? How about the girl who announced she was transferring to MissState? Is she officially transferred yet? Can he recruit her to stay?

Do you think an endorsement from the player of the year in women’s college basketball would help?

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Not Richard, but I think she will let him recruit her, but still feel she will go to UConn in the end because she is that good and that place is the Mecca right now.

That, and as mentioned elsewhere, her reaction to the death threats and threats of bodily harm by some fans after the national anthem incident.

I would assume that call will happen. I haven’t reached out to CW recently, but will now.

How many idiots actually made physical threats? Where did they make them? Did law enforcement make a serious attempt to identify the culprits? My guess is that these cretins are not even affiliated with the UofA in any way and are probably not even Arkansas fans, much less Arkansas women’m basketball fans. Why give so much weight to the cacklings of very small number of anonymous haters? What if I posed as a U-Conn Huskie women’s basketball fan and made terrible remarks on a Husky online forum? Would she hold that against Coach Geno and his program?

Dude a ton of “Good Ole Boyz” who have a extended post history not only flooded Arkansas boards to post their displeasure (admins had to delete post & even shut down political message board) but also went full Grand Wizard in response sections in the articles discussing the BLM protest.

Look - she is not looking at this thought the eyes on a adult so take that into consideration.

But several made threats via message boards, etc.

Arkansas got calls about it from parents of recruits in every sport.

It is one thing to be upset with it, another to threaten.

That was idiotic. Just as in every state, we have idiots - some who are racist, some who are not and some who just don’t have a lick of sense.

I voiced my disapproval, but not with threats. My displeasure was strictly based on the disrespect it was for the sacrifice of our men and women in uniforms. It’s sad that anybody would threaten anybody–young or old–for exercising their right to protest, however misguided they may have been. Making threats like that will hurt recruiting and probably not with just this young lady but potentially in all sports.

I would hope now that he would recruit Jayana Sanders, PB Dollarway , the leading scorer in the state. She recently committed to Alabama, when it became apparent that the previous staff wasn’t going to recruit her. Yes, I’m a coach there, and I’ve had the privilege of coaching and teaching here.

No one that I know or would allow in my house, believes that making threats to anyone for any reason is acceptable. Especially to 18-20 year old female basketball players. I’m just looking for some substantiation that the threats were serious and coming from Razorback fans. How many people have been arrested over this? How many registered, paying customers of Razorback forums have been banned for comments made over this?

Just spoke to her and posted an update.