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I may be alone in this thought, but this new thing you are doing of posting Twitter feeds of people we are offering, that all sound exactly alike, is not viewed by you as an actual substitute for real information.
Most of these players I have never heard of and by the time I read your post I still know nothing about them except that every one of them feels blessed to have been offered…
I hope there are follow ups coming and that perhaps you revisit the value of this type of reporting.

His reports come with time. He does an article profile on pretty much every single prospect we offer. These articles are more personal and in depth than anyone else. He’ll typically link their ESPN profile with the initial post, as well


The staff is putting out 200-300+ offers over the next few months, he’ll probably have something on the ones that we have a connection, or some other shot at. There’s also Google for you to hit up their profiles from the other recruiting sites until he has a chance to go over them.

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Most of the kids say they’ll visit. Pretty standard. Kids want to visit a lot of schools but then you get into time restraints and the expense of taking the visits. I’ve been reaching out to most of them.

Unless a kid tells me a date or a true time frame to visit. I’ll wait until they do before thinking they might have legit interest.

This is the time of the year when kids are getting hit with numerous offers in a short period of time. Hard to truly know their interest level until the coaches build relationships with the kids and they get on campus.

2021 S Tyler Hibbler of Trinty Catholic said he will be visiting very soon. He was offered on Tuesday.

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