Richard - LB Andrew Parker

Is it true this young man was offered yesterday? … 4553418752

Thanks - I saw that and was curious if it was legit given there has been nary a word about him on here.

It’s legit. Not highly recruited but I like his film. He plans to visit the 19th or 26th. He will likely commit on the visit

I can understand no other SEC offers for someone under the radar, but no offers from ULM, ULL, LA Tech, Tulane?

Any insight on why he’s not getting offers from smaller Louisiana schools?

Give it time, they usually get offers after we offer.

Believe it or not, there are lots of guys out there with hardly any offers that can really play. Now, you wouldn’t want to have those guys exclusively but there’s nothing wrong with occasionally taking a chance on em…

Not really. PLan to talk to his coach. Maybe he’ll have an idea.

Thanks - will be interesting to hear his thoughts

Just watched the film, and the kid does have some skill set and could be a project… Hopefully in 3 years they are saying he’s a top draft pick and had no DI offers…

Richard - any feedback yet from Parker’s coach re: his recruitment?

He didn’t get back with me. I think part of it is the school is pretty much an known and coaches don’t check on it. Will try and reach out again tomorrow.