Richard, Landon Blocker?

Richard , I watched Landon Blocker, destroy my home town Chickasaws today in the 4A basketball state final… He went for 30 and looked unstoppable. I know his brother , Layden is committed next year. How hard are the Hog’s on Landon? He looks like a player.

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I didn’t know he had a brother I knew we had one of them committed for next year and he is a great player

They haven’t offered. Will they in the future? He’ll need a strong spring and summer.

Landren, Thanks Richard.

Looks like he had a terrific game, Seen him work out a few times. Definitely a Division One prospect, but I think he has some ways to go before he gets on Muss’s radar. As Richard said he needs to blow up this summer. Also, Muss’s strategy now is to not have too many freshmen and that may work against him.

He sure looked good yesterday! By the way, kudos to PBS for broadcasting the state finals again. They do an outstanding job.


Yes they do a great job

If he can shoot accurately /consistently (40% plus) with that form -from 3 with his other skills, those kind of freshmen we need. Beautiful looking shot in those highlights.

I watched LR Christian 3-4 times this year. I don’t remember many shots from the arc for the younger Blocker, but he is very good.

I think he will get lots of high D1 offers.

Do any of you guys know if we ( Arkansas ) had anyone scouting the tournament? To me Blocker looked really good and no doubt Andrews is going to be big time.

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