Richard? Is this staff sharing more than others..............

…as far as the recruits they are contacting and making offers to? If this staff is sharing info with you and the other recruiting reporters out there in the same way that the other staffs did, then this is an incredible increase in the number of high rated recruits being offered and then short listing and officially visiting us. The number is amazingly more than in the past but the most impressive thing is their other finalists. Out of state, I am just not seeing many mid-majors on their short lists with us and most have high major programs included with us as their finalists. There are lots with Bama, Ohio State, Georgia, etc. type schools. There is no doubt we are recruiting and getting close to signing the right people, we just now need to win a few more of these battles and get them committed and signed. Jefferson was a big “get” at QB. Now he needs some similar talent to go with him. Go Hogs.

They’re sharing more tweets of kids getting offers, narrowing their list and announcing visiting by retweeting the kids. All you have to do is follow twitter and follow up on the kids. I talked to Ray Curry’s coach yesterday and he told me about he and Ray coming up for the second camp on the Hill.

You obviously rely on sources, but the coaches can’t talk about the kids.

The staff has definitely been more aggressive in extending offers and they’re doing a great job of staying in touch with the kids and developing relationships and that helps them make cuts and get kids to visit.