Richard - Is Criswell moving to Conway?

Heard that this weekend from my son in law. Not sure where he heard it, but he’s supposedly transferring for his senior year. Have you heard that? Think it could be true?

Have not. Just checked with someone that should know and they said no.

Did Arkansas just back off or did he?

Arkansas really likes Chandler, Haynes King and others.

That would be blasphemy and sacreligous, no self-respecting Devil Dog would ever consider such nonsense! Go Dogs! I am beyond pissed about this recruiting situation as JC is the real deal, whoever we get BETTER be phenomenal!

Lol, I think those who get paid to make these decisions, have a much better idea, but one has to admire your loyalty.

Yeah there’s some loyalty there, but I have also watched a lot of QBs at the HS level in Texas and Arkansas and he is legit. I wasn’t a huge believer until I saw him in person. I mean he’s caught the eye of some of the best in the game, so I can’t be far off.
Could our targets be better? Maybe so but I am skeptical.
I have a decent eye imo, i mean I called Martell a dud, and a few other QBs closer to home the same and been proven right.

Yeah, pretty sure our coaches have seen more high school QB’s all over America, you’ll have to excuse me for taking their opinions 1000% over yours, so keep that day job.

A quick look at offers and I’d say Chandler Morris is the better prospect between him and Criswell. Chandler has been offered by OU, Clemson and Auburn among others.
Criswell’s only true “top tier” offer is Georgia. He has a good offer list but not on the same level as Chandler.

This isn’t the end all be all but sure tells you right now where they stand according to coaches that recruit the best nationwide.

I’m not a scout, but I love how JC carries himself, and I love how Stoerner talks about him. I’ve been hoping he would be a Hog for years, makes me kinda sad that that may not happen. I trust our coaches, so I’m not questioning them, I just really admire this young man. hope he does great wherever he goes (and I hope that’s Fayetteville!).


If Georgia has offered him, he needs to swoop it up yesterday.

Just because they offered, doesn’t mean he can accept it. Indications are him going to North Carolina.