Richard is Ben Hicks from SMU visiting

have seen where he may be transferring and may be visiting.I know he knows the offense but arm is kind of like Storeys…what are you hearing?

Arm is better than Storey’s…

I don’t see an arm better than Storeys.He did have Great Wrs to throw to and a much inferior league to play in.The positive would be he knows the offense backward and forward which is a big thing but he took 28 sacks this yr so mobility must not be great.

Heard tonight there was a QB transfer in the works, but was not sure who. He would definitely know what to expect from Coach Morris.

Throws a much better deep ball.

I would rather let it play out before mentioning any names.

I posted the following because there’s chance someone might visit this weekend. viewtopic.php?f=5&t=23152

They may wait later and see who else comes available. I think that could definitely happen. We should know in the next day or two if they decide to bring someone in this weekend.

Ok thanks